I do not want to die with regrets in my mind

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Why is it that the older we get, the less willing we are to take chances?

As we get older we get comfortable. We get used to things and see no point in trying to change the world. “My world is fine and that’s the world I live in, so why should I care about kids starving in Africa?” Ever heard about the butterfly effect..?

When we are kids or teenagers nothing can stop us. We will change this and achieve that…and save the world while we’re at it. The only thing stopping us, if we choose to, is the “old generation”, the people telling us to grow up, get a life. The people that has given up their dream for different reasons. Or maybe they never had a dream – “What’s the point? It’s not like I can change anything anyway.”

“You can’t save everybody.” I was told. “You have to think about yourself first. Why do you always have to do so much for everybody else?” My reply was always “Because I can.” And I still believe that I can make a change. I know I can’t save everybody, but if I can help just one single person who’s asking for a change in their life, then I will be 100% there for them.

Being in the organisation CISV has helped me helping others…and others to help me. During those 3-4 weeks once a year I cry, laugh, love and learn so incredibly much. I can not think of any other place where I experience this huge emotional roller coaster in such short period of time. A couple of years at university can, in my world, not even by a long-shot be compared to CISV camps with kids sometimes half my age. Those kids teach me more than most of the teachers do at Uni.

Part of the old generations wisdom is right, I know that the most important person in my life is myself. Without me being sound, I can not help anybody else. But I have also learnt my lesson; I will never let anybody take my dreams away from me and that’s what I tell my kids in CISV (and everybody else for that matter). Dare to dream.

Don’t take life to serious. At the end of the day you will die anyway. And how do you want to remember your life when you’re older? Proudly content, or regretfully disgruntled. Think about that one when you wake up in the morning…how’s your day going to be?

Just dare to live. It’s easy. What do you really have to loose compared to what you can actually win? Take a chance. Live a little. If you are not happy with your present life – change it! You are the only one that can change your life. You are the only one that can take that crucial decision about which way to go when you’re standing in one of those cross-roads in life. Clues, help and knowledge is everywhere, not only in the places where you think it might be.

Look around you and see the world for what it is. It’s huge. And it’s wide open for you. The sky is your limit and your mind sets the boundaries.

I beg you. Dare to dream. Because you know what? Dreams do come true.
– Tess

Inspiration: Toyah Lord was discussing this topic in People’s Post and reading her article I realize how true it is. (The article was published in People’s Post in March 2007)


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  1. Thank you darling for the reminder. It is true that our outlooks on things change over time and as we grow “older” but having more experience doesn’t mean we have to hold back. As you say: Live a little! There is so much to learn from those that live playfully. And the most beautiful part is, that by helping others, we are helping ourselves, to a broader life, a meaningful life! So much love :*

  2. Thank you for sharing this Tess… x

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