Are you talking to yourself? Put a filter on it and start monitoring

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I received an inspiring message from Lyndel Daly (Life coaching 4u) today. This blog post is a copy of her message, but lets start with a description of what life coaching skills are (from Life Coaching 4u Facebook group)

What are life coaching skills?

These are skills that you can apply in your life with little effort but can have a transformational impact on who you are being.

In your life, if you continue doing the same thing in you will get the same results. These skills support you in changing what you are doing which will produce a different result.

So if there are area of your life where you are feeling despondent or stuck, take on the challenge to change your thoughts which will change your emotions and actions which will change the results/ circumstances of your life.

Lyndel’s  message

Most of my postings are issues that I am personally trying to deal with or they relate to something I have seen or experienced recently.

Last week I sat in a meeting with a secretary who had to take minutes of a high profile meeting.

Before she started she had already verbalized that she could not do it. When I said to her she could do it, she just ‘snorted’ back at me.

Here was a intellectual being verbalizing herself as incompetent before she had even started or even attempted the job.

I then sat back and wondered how many people out there are unaware of the impact of their ‘self talk’ on the realities they created in their lives.

Are you talking to yourself?

If you are having a negative destructive conversation with yourself – trust me, you will be manifesting such results in your outer world.

Believe yourself as incompetent and you will be incompetent. Believe yourself to have no self confidence and you will have no self confidence.

This self talk creates a limiting belief that you have about yourself, then limits your actions in the outer world and this then creates your limiting reality.

For example if you believe you are incompetent or lack self confidence you will deliberately shy away from certain activities – and in the process you will keep yourself and your world small.

Negative self talk prevents you from growing into your true GREATNESS.

Put a filter on it and start monitoring

So as a start: put a self talk filter on and monitor the conversation you are having with yourself.

See yourself as being competent and self confident. Just be it. And make sure that your self talk is positive and empowering.

You owe yourself your GREATNESS. Start now.


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