Lose some ‘friends’ to win a life.

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Pleasing those nearest and dearest to you is a divine goal, to make them happy at almost all costs. But not if you do it at the expense of your own true self. Lose yourself and lose your life. ‘Don’t take any shit’ as Grynet said.

When is enough enough? Never, if you love the person, someone said…I don’t know so much. I think the blurry limit is when you feel you are losing yourself, losing the very essence of who you are.

Do some thinking. Speak up. Figure out what YOU want and then go for it. The right people will be there with you. If people fall out, then that’s the way it’s supposed to be. If or when the time is right they might come back into your life, but let go of things that are not good for you.

Unhealthy relationships will drain you…and in worst case scare you from having the same kind of relationship ever again. I think that some people you just can not please without losing yourself – and that’s not worth it for me.

First make yourself happy…but you be careful so it’s not on the expense of others.


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